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Welcome to the RIZZOverse.

Navigating through thousands of strips is no easy task. Here's the breakdown of where to find what:

Current Events is the showcase for new strips and hot-button topics.

Main Series (2012 to present) represents a small taste of our current and ongoing narrative.

Year One (2005-2006)--A vast archive of the early, slushy material that finally came to resemble something like a comic strip.

Utah is a collection of culturally specific strips, since Rizzo's hometown of Tromso was originally located in the "Show Me Your Magic Underwear-State" (it has since been moved closer to the Pacific Ocean). If you like jokes about Mountain Dew, "Temple Recommends," red sauce/green sauce, and strident Mormonism, these are probably the strips for you.

Blue Period (2007-2011)--A smattering of experimental and evolving entries. It's a vague blur of ideas that tie the Republic to the Empire (for those among you who might appreciate a nice Roman analogy). If Year One is Caesar and the current Main Series is Augustus, then Blue Period is probably Marc Antony wasting time while dicking around with Cleopatra. (By extension, Alternate Lifestyles is probably Cicero, and Utah is Lepidus, if that makes even a lick of sense.)

Alternate Lifestyles--Featuring editorial and oversized strips that were customized for feature markets. A few of these babies ended up in the Year One series, in slightly modified form, because of their general appeal.

Animated Films... for those who need sound and (limited) movement.